(Prices effective Sept 1, 2013)

Wedding Films

DVD or Blu-ray
The "Grand Epic" $3000.00
Everlasting $1000.00
"A la carte" Custom Packages price negotiable


Additional Copies
Extra Wedding DVD Copies - $25
Extra Wedding Blu-ray Copies - $35

"Memories in Motion" Photo Montages
(100 images included with the Grand Epic Package)

$1.50 per digital photo
$3.00 per scanned photo
$2 per title/caption
Projection at Event - $100.00

Director's Cut Version
(Included with the Epic Packages)
Add-on to Everlasting or Elegance Package - $700

Wedding Film Trailers - $200

Wedding Cinematic Highlights - $300

Digital Archival of Edited Footage
With OMV supplied hard drive - $300
With Client supplied hard drive
- $50

Overtime Charges

Additional filming hours on location over normal package coverage
(billed in 30 minute intervals) 
- $150/hr per videographer

General Event Videography Services

Videography for Special Events or by Contract
(includes stage performances such as dance recitals)

Option 1: Hourly Rate - $125/hour (3 hours minimum)*
(hourly rate includes 1 hour of filming and up to 3 hours of editing - includes 1 DVD copy)

Option 2: Project Rate - $25 per DVD Copy*
(based on a minimum order of 15 DVD copies - price includes postage)

* additional fees and restrictions may apply (i.e. mileage)
** free consultation meeting available to discuss customized quotes

Filming only - Starting at $50 per hour
(no editing - raw footage transferred to DVD only)
* restrictions apply

Digital Editing of Third Party Footage
Starting at $50 per hour

Event Videography Copies - $25

Editing and Transfer Services

Tape Transfer to DVD
Per DVD with up to 2 hours of footage
Basic Menu - $20 (additional copies $10)
Deluxe Menu - $50 (additional copies $10)

Video Duplication
DVD to DVD - $15 for 1st copy (additional copies are $5)
(We will refuse to duplicate copyrighted media)

Design of Custom DVD Photo Insert
and Disc Surface with Movie Case


We may run promotions and offer discounts to our normal prices from time to time. Click the Promo link to check out any current offerings.

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