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2020 Production Schedule

Once filmed, it normally takes us 3-5 weeks to edit a typical project.
Scroll to our "Post Production Editing Process  below for additional info/workflow with regards to the current project that we are working on. 


  • École de Danse d'Helena
  • SARMU 43        
  • Spring Recital: Yarmouth Dance Academy 
  • The Nutcracker: Yarmouth Dance Academy



Stage of Post Production -

Status last updated on:

Editing began on:  

Estimated Date for Completion: 

Post Production Editing Process

Editing Stage Section / Element
1. Preparing Footage Transfer Footage to Editing System
2. Post-Production Editing  (A) Typical Wedding Workflow (dependent on video package)
  • Movie opening with introductory credits
  • Bride's Prep
  • Pre-ceremony (guests arrival at ceremony location)
  • Ceremony - Multi camera coverage
  • Receiving Line / Guests Well Wishes
  • Photo Session
  • Reception including Grand Entrance, Toasts & Kissing Games
  • First Dance
  • Dance Party
  • End Credits
  • Wedding Clip uploaded to the internet    
  • Outtakes (if applicable)
 (B) Typical Workflow for Stage Performances or Recitals
  • Intro
  • Backstage footage
  • Rehearsal footage (if applicable)
  • Performance edit - multi cam
  • Normalization of audio (if required)
  • Adding and matching music soundtracks
  • End credits
3. Intermediate Rendering   Converting footage to DVD or Bluray compatible formats
4. Disc Preparation Stage
  • MPEG encoding 
  • Disc Menu & Authoring 
  • Disc Writing/Burning 
  • Design of Disc Surface Artwork 
  • Printing of Discs 
  • Design of Case Photo Insert  
  • Professional Printing of Case Photo Inserts 

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