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We loved the fact that you edited in family members and certain commentary by guests/family to add a comedic touch. It seemed like you really listened to how I expressed that having other family members and guests included was important to us. We also really enjoyed the outtakes at the end.

Having a video of our wedding day after all the excitement of the celebrations were finished is priceless. We were able to see events and situations that we never would have seen if it weren't for the video. It is a record of our wedding day that we will always have and be able to look back on. You were so easy going with every situation and seemed to capture everything. Thank you for all of your hard work. Having our wedding video taped by you was certainly one of the best choices we could have made.

Christine & Brent

Comments after viewing their online Movie Trailer:

You are incredible.  My whole workplace gathered around the computer watching over and over again.  No one had ever seen anything like that before.  It gave me goosebumps (and we were all crying).  How can I ever thank you enough. WOW!!  The detail.. the Music.. I loved it... This is going to be amazing watching the dvd.

I love what you captured in such a brief time. THE DETAIL means sooo much to me.. i seriously can't thank you enough.  I appreciate everything that you are doing for us. We ll never forget a moment of our wedding, thanks to you!

Tanya & Jordan

wedding 2016

Jason and I are so excited to see the video that my mom is bringing it up to us this weekend. I have been on our site several times and I absolutely love it. Its more than I could have ever imagined and its been really great having it. Lots of Jason's family from Newfoundland weren't able to make it to the wedding so having the site is really really great. Also, just seeing the site is amazing so I can't wait to see the whole thing tonight. I am anxious to see the wedding from the guests point of view cause it flew by so fast that day.

So thank you so very much for creating these everlasting memories for us, it means more than we could ever express in words.

Once again, our biggest thanks and gratitude for all your hard work, it's really amazing.

All the best,

Giselle & Jason

Reception Slideshow:

Just wanted to let you know that our video  slideshow was AMAZING!!!!!!  Everyone absolutely loved it and  we got great comments about it!!!  We didn't show the video to anyone so it was a surprise that night and it was so good that way!!!  I've had lots of people ask me about it and have never seen anything like it!!! Well thanks again sooooooo much!!! You helped make our day even more special and I love sitting down to watch the slideshow.....its so great!!

Robin & Craig Smith

Comments after viewing the finished DVD:

Thanks  again for everything.  We loved every second of the video. Priceless memories captured in such a unique and professional manner. The music, the detail, the amazing editing, the candid moments are absolutely remarkable !  It was such a pleasure working with you.  I will recommend  Ocean Mist to Everyone!!!  We'll never forget your hard work in making our day so special.. and now.. with the video, we will never worry about forgetting a moment of it.
Incredibly Happy,
Tanya and Jordan :)

wedding 2016

Thank you for the DVDs, we LOVE it!!!! Everything was absolutely perfect, the footage, the music, everything!!!

Amy & John

I just wanted to let you know we were so happy with the video. I would recommend you to anyone. My wedding wouldn't have been complete without it.  Thank you for your time and once again thank you for being part of our special day.

Kim & Tracy

I have high recommendations for my videographer - Ocean Mist Videography .  They were fantastic to work with and so easy going! My husband and I are thrilled with our videos. We were married on July 8th and received our videos + copies on August 4th. They have different packages and services available for all budgets. I highly recommend them.

Heather & Camren
Excerpt from Weddingbells.ca forum

We both want to thank you for a job well done! There is no better way to capture and remember the great moments of our wedding. The editing and music made the video that much more dramatic, enjoyable and moving. I appreciate your patience and dedication in creating such a fantastic wedding video. Of course, Joel really enjoyed the snowmobile clip. It was definitely awesome and different!

Joel & Jill Marie

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was AMAZING!  We laughed, we cried....  You didn't miss a thing!  Your hard work showed.   It was very impressive, and we can't wait to show it to the rest of our family and friends.
Joline & Paul 

Amazing!  The video is very "well put together". 
Everyone who's watched it, loves it!
Tessa and Nick

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