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Special Event Videography

We offer filming and editing services for many different types of sp
ecial events.  Whether it's a private party or a public corporate event, we can capture your festivities and creatively edit the video into a polished production.

We have filmed many different types of events including various stage performances (including dance recitals), retirement parties, aniversaries, receptions, corporate parties, pre-school graduations, and various other types of life events.

Our rates for such events are negotiated based on the amount of work involved.  The cost is usually determined by either on a "per copy" basis or an hourly fee 

Per Copy - this option is most popular for events that include many participants such as recitals, graduations and concerts.  Instead of the hourly fee, we pro-rate the cost per copy into the number of copies required.  Very large orders may include extra filming and editing features.

Hourly fee - our standard hourly rate is  based on a 3 hour minimum.  Our rates may be adjusted proportionally to the amount of editing involved.

Consult our online pricelist for our current fees for all our services. Visit our booking page and or contact us for further info.
Our availability may be limited and booking far in advance is always highly recommended.

To order a DVD copy of a recent event that we filmed,
e now accept convenient online payments directly through our website. 
All major credit cards accepted!

You may contact us to arrange other forms of payment for your orders.

 Other Videography Services - Third Party Editing

Do you have some boring home videos that are screaming for attention? Do you have a school video project that is lacking pizzazz?  Do you have photos that you want designed into a professional DVD slideshow?   We can help!!! 

With the use of our professional editing software and equipment, we can make you a customized edited video to your specifications.
Whether it's a soft and romantic segment, a corporate advertisement, or a fast paced rock video, we have the tools to make your raw footage into a professional looking motion picture. We can add music, introductory titles, special video and audio filters, slow motion, 3D scene transitions, scrolling end credits, and much more.
The cost of editing third party video is dependent upon the amount and quality of the client's footage, the recording format used and the style desired for the requested final product.  Our online pricelist details our current fees for all our services.

Video to DVD Transfers - Only $20 per DVD

This is becoming a very popular service.  Just about everyone has old footage of kids growing up or other family videos stored in a closet somewhere in the house.  We can transfer all your VHS and camcorder tapes to DVD complete with a menu and chapters.  We use the DVD-R format which is currently the most compatible form of recordable DVDs.

All DVDs come with a personalized printed title on the disc.  For an extra cost, we can also design a custom DVD insert and a movie style case for your video.

Prices start at $20 per DVD for up to 2 hours of video.  Extra copies are $10 per disc. Our online pricelist details our current fees for all our services.

Video Formats that we can transfer: VHS, VHS-C, mini-DV, Digital 8, Hi8, Video 8, various media cards (SD, compact flash, memory stick, XD, etc), and VCD.   

Please note: We cannot transfer film reels (8mm or 16mm) to DVD. We cannot transfer Betamax. 

NEW! VIDEO to USB Transfers - Only $15 per tape

Similar to the DVD transfers, the same formats listed above can be transferred to a USB flash drive, SD card or portable hard drive of your choice.  The advantage is that multiple tapes can be transfers onto a single drive/device.

Prices start at $15 per tape for up to 2 hours of video.  Cost of USB drive is extra or must be supplied by client.  
Our online pricelist details our current fees for all our services.

COMBINE BOTH FORMATS and SAVE!  - DVD and USB for only $25 per tape

For the best in peace of mind, get your treasured memories converted both into a DVD AND into a digital file onto USB. Conditions apply including a limit of up to 2 hours in length per tape.

Other Services - Corporate Productions

While we specialize in life events, we also offer a wide array of videographic services to businesses, organizations, government agencies and non-profit groups.  We do not hide the fact that we are a small production company and that we cannot produce a very elaborate production with camera cranes, jibs and the like.  But if you have a small project in mind and a smallish budget, we may be a good fit.  The types of products that we can (and have produced) are: Internet Video Ads; Video Inventory for Insurance Companies; Virtual Tours for Real Estate; Short Training Films (i.e.Health & Safety); Key Note Presentations at Trade Shows, Meetings, Banquets; Sporting Events, and much more...

Some of our recent corporate clients include:
  • Tracy Perry Photography
  • Villa Saint-Joseph du Lac
  • Surette's Island Bridge Committee
  • CBC TV - Land & Sea: Episode "Maritime Churches" -  March 2014
  • Tradewinds Reality
  • Hockey Canada - World Junior A Challenge, Yarmouth, NS - Nov 2012
  • Rotary Club of Yarmouth
  • Nova Scotia Department of Community Services
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries & Aquaculture
  • Municipality of Argyle
  • Argyle Historical Society
  • Patsy Surette Photography
  • Yarmouth Regional Hospital

Visit our booking page and or contact us for further info.  A customized quote and Agreement will be generated based on your specific project. Our availability may be limited and booking far in advance is always highly recommended.

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